Reserve Fund
Set Aside for Tomorrow!

Life can catch you off-guard at any moment.
From job loss to medical emergencies, the only trick is to be prepared.
Always. Hence, the best way to do so is to generate a reserve fund for yourself, along with your hopes and future!

Stockpile Ahead

Here, our platform with its R.I.C.H calculator helps you asses your financial assets and liabilities.
Once it recognized the details provided by you, it calls for an estimation to analyze the economic trends.
Together with its inputs, Moneyphi then guides you towards the best available investment plans in the market

‘Phi ‘serve that Reserve

By definition, a reserve fund is a savings account or any other highly liquid asset that is retained to meet unfortunate or unforeseen circumstances.
In Moneyphi’s thesaurus, it is a shield to your savings.
So if moving forth in life, something happens to you or your loved ones, enough is retained to suffice the unprecedented expenses.