Small Decisions for Life

Money can buy things. But if you think that it doesn’t require a plan, then, Think Again!
Your Decisions for these Goal may become a stepping stone for you to achieve social status and your longer term plans.

Short Term

The strategy behind these plans require an immediacy in the period of time, determined by you along with Moneyphi’s assistance to gain material assets, reaping the urgent benefits and still not impacting your Big Decisions.

Reserve Fund
Create Your Reserve

PHI helps you structure your Emergency Funds so that all your plans are in place and no surprise situation can ever disturb your Finances.

Calculate Big Spends

You Deserve to get spoilt once in a while and what better way than to Shop.
Afford those Opulent buys for yourself or your loved ones and let PHI plan for your extravaganza.


Put your seat belts on and zoom around on the golden wheel of PHI as it helps you in determining the best investments to get your Desired Car.

Purse Your Holidays

Travel anywhere in the world with efficient Monetary Management from PHI.
It sets up your Vacation in a way that each destination is worth its trip.