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Crorepati Calculator

The Crorepati Calculator will help you assess the investment required to become a crorepati.

Well, who does not want to be a crorepati? Right?

In the year 2000, Mr Amitabh Bachaan introduced the show Kaun Banega Crorepati. The show’s format is simple; with each correct answer, you can earn money as per the rule of the game and can climb up to 1 Crore. Though, now you also get a jackpot question and a chance to win up to 7 CR. Further, the game assists you with lifelines, just in case you get caught up with a difficult question.

So far, we have had 13 Seasons of Kaun Banega Crorepati but, only 21 contestants have won 1 crore or more.

On the other hand, if you start Investing early with a disciplined approach, you too can be a crorepati.

How to use Crorepati Calculator?

The crorepati calculator is simple to use, so all you need is to input the below details

  • Target Amount: You can see the target amount as 1 Crore. If you want to increase your target than you can in multiples of 1 Cr.
  • No of Years: Here, mention no of yrs to become a crorepati.
  • Expected Return: Further, input the expected return on your monthly investment.

Once you input the above data, the calculator will calculate your monthly investment to get your first crore.

Advantages of Crorepati Calcualtor

While in KBC you also need a bit of luck along with your IQ to get on the hot seat and a chance to win crore.

  • You get an estimate time frame, investing amount when you use the crorepati calculator to build your wealth.
  • Further, the calculator aims to bring habit of investing early with discpline to create wealth
  • In can use the calculator to build financial legacy for your children and help you build a secure finanical future for your kids.


Moreover, even if you manage to appear and win a Crore on KBC, you need to shell out a flat tax of 30% plus cess irrespective of your income tax slab. As per Section 194B of Income-tax, a TDS is deducted on the prize money above Rs.10000/-

While if you invest in mutual funds, you pay a long term capital gain tax of 10% on capital gains of more than 1 lac.

For Example: If you win 1 Crore on KBC, you end up paying a tax of Rs.31,20,000.

While if you invest systematically and follow a disciplined approach you can get your first crore if you invest for 20 yrs with an expected return of 12%.

Though being a crorepati sounds like an uphill task, one should not forget the impact of inflation. A rough estimate of an Rs.25000 household expenditure for someone of age 30 would require a corpus of more than 3 Cr with inflation of 6%. Do check & plan your retirement in detail with our Retirement calculator.

Further, you can create your goals, monitor them and track your growth with us. Simply calculate, check the best mutual funds and invest online in a mutual funds.